Amy Langle

professional organizer

About Amy

Amy was born to organize, literally. Growing up she learned by watching her mother Kris, and watching turned into doing. Soon, one friend's closet turned into another's kitchen and Amy was hooked.

Amy's ultimate goal is to teach you to organize the things in your life that take away valuable minutes in your day. Your closet will make sense, and you'll never have to search for your favorite pair of shoes. Your kitchen will be user friendly. Your garage will no longer be a scary place to visit, and you'll be able to park your car in there again. From companies looking to streamline, to moms needing to simplify, Amy is up to the task.

With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology Amy may even help you understand your current lack of organization. When she's not organizing for someone else, Amy organizes her own home that she shares with her husband and daughter. Let Amy put her years of experience to work to help you get organized.