Amy Langle

professional organizer

Client Reviews

"What can I say but Amy is AMAZING!  She came and totally helped me purge, organize and clean my garage so I could get my car inside and utilize the useful items I have.  I now am able to reach, find and put away all of my stuff.  She was a joy to work with.  She was positive and encouraging and I never felt bad for all the work I had to do in my garage and all the stuff I had to get rid of.  She gently suggested that I get rid of my unneeded items and we left a huge pile of donates for the Salvation Army to pick up on the front sidewalk!  Even when I didn't know what to do with stuff, Amy had a suggestion if it was useful and again helped me get rid of stuff that was not necessary.  I frankly don't even remember the stuff we got rid of, that's how much I needed it.  I feel lighter and happier with my clean garage and have started working in other areas of my house with the tools she gave me to organize my life.  I will definitely have her back as there are things that still need to be done and I highly recommend Amy for your organization needs!

--- Kathryn G., Business Owner 


"I reached out to Amy Langle when my family had a huge job to tackle in Sacramento.  We needed to pack up my aunt's entire home to possibly sell or rent after she became very ill.   This was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a full kitchen, laundry room, bar area and patio which held a lifetime of memories for my family.  Also, my uncle who worked as a mechanic had turned the garage into a substantial workshop filled with heavy equipment, tools, loose odds and ends and many other treasured items he collected throughout his life.  The job felt impossible to manage from across the miles and quickly became overwhelming to consider doing ourselves.

I knew I would be in good hands by calling Amy after hearing rave reviews from my friends who had used her to prioritize and organize their homes and garages.  What I didn't know, was that she would have my aunt's home completely boxed up, labeled and organized in a POD we had rented in just 2 days!   After completely cleaning out the home of it's contents, she and her team tackled the garage, which was like trying to clean up an avalanche of tangled metal and wood.  If I had tried to do this myself with my family it would have taken us MONTHS. Amy quickly comes up with a plan of action the moment she walks into any room or home and executes it with precision, including the owner in her vision, talking you through what she plans to do so there are no surprises.  One example, is how she organizes the things you don't know what to do with into piles designated to "donate", "toss" or "keep" which helps you wrap your mind around how to process all that is in front of you, which can be a staggering task.   Amy has that "organizing gene" that many of us simply do not have, and makes you feel completely at ease and comfortable handling your personal possessions. 

Aside from her incredible work ethic, and organizational skills,  she is also very personable and positive, and a true joy to be around.  She loves what she does and it shows.   Amy will also help you stay within your budget every step of the way, which is where her knowledge and experience really shines.   I would highly recommend using Amy Langle, and after seeing what she can accomplish first hand, I can't wait to use her again for future projects."


--- Laura I., National News Correspondent



"I can finally park in my garage!"

--- Kristen H., Business Owner


"Thank you so much, Amy, for your assistance!  You were a huge help for me and the family I was helping.  You and your team worked tirelessly in cleaning out and organizing the home they needed to sell.  You went above and beyond, with your efforts and I truly appreciate you and your work!" 

---Kelley G., Senior Placement Services




I have now utilized Amy’s services a number of times and I can’t say enough about her skill, efficiency, and boundless energy. I come from a long line of pack rats and found that my house, garage, and business tended toward clutter and disorganization. Amy was easily able to assess how to organize all of this and help me get rid of unwanted items. Not only do I feel lighter and more organized, I feel proud of my home and business space! She did such a dramatic job that when my employees came back to the office on Monday they thought I had packed up and left town! One big advantage of utilizing Amy’s services is she has just the right attitude to help you tackle what feels like an overwhelming task without being discouraged. You will be happy that you called her – I know I will be again!

 ---Brooke L., Business Owner